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Let's get digital!

Countdown to Mini Opening

Countdown ended
Tuesday, April 1st @ 12:00am

The group is now closed, thanks for applying!


The Digital War is a Digimon role play group, set 10 years after the events of the anime series Digimon Adventure seasons 1 and 2. With an increase in Digimon partnerships 3 facilities were created to house and train these special individuals.

Gallery Folders


Event Status

:holly: Christmas Challenge: Twelve Days of Digimas :holly:
Submissions Open: Dec 13th-24th

:halfliquid: Winter Event: On Dark Tides :halfliquid:
Submissions Open: Dec 6th-Jan 31th



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digi oc requests anyone ?? no? maybey? yes? today only! booored !
QueenJaws 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to bother, but I was wondering when applications will be open again? I missed this most recent deadline (which I know wasn't that long ago), but I was wondering when the next opening would be so I'll know how long I've got to work.
Thanks so much for you guys' time! ^u^
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Reverant-Chaoz Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yaaaay finally redid my app, btw how do i swap the two apps? .3.
(1 Reply)
I haven't been active in forever! I wanna submit some event comics. Is it too late to start with the first and work my way to the current one?
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If you ain't gonna accept my appication just tell me, god damn it. I may sound rude, but I am in fact desperate. I've been waiting for the administrators to accept me for too long, and I believe they won't accept my app because the history is too cliché.But I made it quickly because I had to go.
I am feeling pretty shitty about this-- because I have always wanted to Digimon RP with someone, and now I am waiting for nothing at all.
Anyways, good luck and have fun kids!
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